The choir

Founded in 1957 by Master Celestino Zonca, who has music as purpose of his life, the Coro Alpino Sestese has created and maintained a lively and deep spirit of the fine mountain song and of the folk one with all its originality, strength of expression, grace and feeling of love and peace. All what a noble and sincere heart can express by singing, has been offered by this choir to its audience, in full respect of the original spirit of the authors and harmonizers of the many pieces performed in the innumerable concerts and reviews. One of the main aims of the choir has always been to bring a note of serene and respectful friendship everywhere and in the best possible way. From 1998 to 2007 the choir has been conducted by Marta Terzaghi. Since January 2008 the choir conduction is now in the young hands of Luca Boni with the founder’s wise supervision.